Advice On Getting Ready For Your Next School Year With PageRage

Beginning school every, fall using a fun-filled summertime is never easy. So with the intention to prepare myself to have through the next school year I have short-term items to stay up for. As an illustration, I’m in fact counting down the periods for your new fall seasons of my 2 favorite shows, 90210 and Gossip Girl.

To prevent this is my thoughts this time of the year has some ups in it I set my PageRage background to the ‘LEIGHTON MEESTER’ layout by sooperstar. I can’t wait to view what those episodes have and what insane new journeys my favorite characters have gotten themselves into this season.

The main reason I picked the ‘LEIGHTON MEESTER’ layout was because Leighton plays my favorite character, Blair Waldorf. There are plenty of people who think Blair is hateful and cunning and I have to admit, I’m one of these, but there's much more now to her than that.

Monday’s at school are never fun, everyone should know that! But whenever I finish my homework I understand I could call my best friend for a 2 hour phone call through 90210 and follow that up directly by Gossip Girl makes Monday’s far more manageable.

All my local freinds know about PageRage, but I’ve been discovering that not every person is aware that PageRage offers awesome user designed layouts in your Facebook profile. PageRage is really low-priced which is a free ad-supported website. That means that there are some ads that stream across your Facebook layouts; but if you don’t want the ads, just select the premium version for a one-time fee of $1.99 along with the ads are no longer.

PageRage has numerous layouts and they are getting more everyday. Most of the ads are user created these days PageRage encompasses a structure team that creates layouts for people to make use of also. The PageRage collection is incorporated in the ‘Featured Layouts’ category.

After which it PageRage takes it a measure further and allows us to ‘Develop our own Layouts’ by offering an original style tool that enables us to download our own pictures and select from distinctive background colors and styles. Just make a PageRage account and you really are ready to design and launch your custom Facebook layout.

Whoever found PageRage sure had a plan of action! With PageRage, we no longer need to display the boring blue and white background proposed by Facebook. As a possible avid Facebook user, I adore being able to perk up my Facebook profile using these great PageRage designs. I’m addicted to PageRage and I think if you give it a whirl, you can be connected too! Thanks PageRage for the wonderful website!

PageRage, the latest thing to hit Facebook since Farmville, allows individuals to personalize their Facebook profiles by adding colors, graphics and various custompagerage_04.jpg add ons to the simple blue and white design and style Facebook is recognized for. The technology behind the application provides for a type of skin for your profile, observable solely to the owner of the profile and users with the needed plug in. It requires no HTML coding or expertise in CSS to install. PageRage currently has around 3.5 million active users each month, attesting to the fact that Facebook users, teens and tweens particularly, want choices to share their personality by means of their Facebook page.

Facebook has consistently had a unified look to its layout. allows users to break out of the blue and white box and share themselves. This inventive program basically lays the selected graphics and colors over the established Facebook page. This is made possible through the use of an application termed Yontoo Layers, which creates a virtual layer over browser windows. This functionality will allow users to basically lay artwork over the top of a Facebook page. It is flexible, and users can turn in their own personal artwork for approval as a template.

Parents do not have anything to fear from PageRage, as the graphics and layout alternatives are all of a decidedly PG nature. For that matter, a number of the most popular designs on are predictably hearts, flowers and angels for females and skull-related themes for males. All users have to do is sign up for a complimentary account and install the Yontoo toolbar. The new Facebook design is only visible to those with the Yontoo application, making an enjoyable way for friends to show creativity in a controlled and completely safe environment.

Take time and visit our site. You’ll soon find out how fun and easy it is to browse through and create Facebook layers. In actual fact, we’re betting your Facebook profile will soon sport some of your favored things in the design and layout. is a free of charge and safe download accessible to any Facebook user. The only way to see PageRage layouts is with the Yontoo Layers plug-in installed into a browser. Without Yontoo Layers installed, profiles will appear as a normal Facebook page to the viewer.



Page Rage Offers Facebook Personalization

pagerage_03.jpgHave you seen the news? You can finally customize your Facebook page like you once were allowed to back when MySpace was cool. Only it’s even cooler than that, once you can choose who sees your design and who sees the normal blue and white Facebook page. is the first application which enables Facebook users to use colorful and graphic Facebook layouts right on top of their profiles. The key is within the Yontoo Layers app that installs to your browser, allowing you to pick from the available layouts and set them up easily and quickly, no HTML or CSS required. PageRage certainly is the coolest thing to hit Facebook since, well, Facebook.

The most impressive things about is when you are able to share it together with your friends provided that they're using PageRage too. Facebook users who haven’t installed the Yontoo app that makes it all work just view the standard Facebook profile. The selections for customizing your profile are nearly limitless. From graphics, to colors, to favorite bands, themes and even more -’s 3.5 million monthly users have our available templates growing at a rapid rate. Even more, with a free account, you can design and make your own layouts and upload them to our database to share with other users.

A layout takes your profile page from boring blue and white to brilliant pink, green, purple - whatever colors you love. Graphics and themes let your personality shine. Are you a Goth Girl or Guy or into hearts and flowers? Anything you dig, either already has in its layout database or soon will have caused by our easy user designed layout uploads.

The layouts become a skin over your existing profile. You can change it up as often as you would like, customizing it in line with your mood or even a holiday or whatever makes you happy. Just download the simple to work with and totally safe application Yontoo Layers. This app creates a virtual layer over browser windows - sort of like a skin. Yontoo is a toolbar add on and all of the programming and coding is contained in it - not on your Facebook profile. Remember, anyone without the Yontoo add on will just view the same old profile page which is standard on Facebook. PageRage has hundreds of layouts and brand new ones are increasingly being added all the time.

Those new to PageRage can download the necessary paperwork here. In order to submit your layouts for others to use, you will have to enroll in a free PageRage user account at Registering is quick and simple, and then press the “Click to Download!” button and start making layouts in seconds.



PageRage Examines Brand New Techniques To Improve Your Facebook Experience

pagerage_01.jpgSocial networking has definitely changed the way in which men and women express themselves, it’s opened up doors to the past and permitted us to define who we are and reminded of us of who we used to be. Facebook has become the beacon for all things social media in numerous countries; it is the number 1 social media app in: Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Argentina, Egypt, Malaysia, Philippines, Venezuela, Nigeria and Chile. While it still lurks behind LinkedIn in America as of March 2011, I'd personally expect to see those positions reversed in the near future.
Facebook users have as many various agendas as they do personas. Students use it to be connected socially with peers, follow up on challenges, speak to classmates and display the latest in their ever-expanding photo collections. Parents use it to extol the virtues of their young offspring, vent the aggravations of their maturing children and spy on their teenage spawn. Employees can tout their latest assignment or contract. Employers to check out job seekers. Seniors access it to catch up with family and friends who're much easier to reach digitally than physically. Of course there does exist overlap within all of these categories. Think of the overlapping circle graphs that are so generally paired with the favorite math exam fodder, the word problem.
In excess of 500 million of these customized and overlapping personalities using Facebook and more than 50% of them checking in every day, it’s amazing that the status quo generic layout and design hasn’t come under attack. We personalize our visual appeal, our family homes, our personal computers and our phones, why is it we don’t personalize our Facebook experience? Well, I’ve just learned how to do that.
I discovered a company called PageRage who has branched into the untapped market of customized Facebook layouts. They have done for your FB wall what Pottery Barn is doing for the suburban residence, Target for the college dorm and IKEA for loft living everywhere. If you think of your Facebook as an escape from reality, a rest from routine in a stressful day, or a particular place with all of friends and family in one place, does one picture that location in your mind’s eye as a room with white walls and blue trim? Doubtful. Through the innovation and skillfulness of the people at PageRage you can redecorate your social media experience to suit your mood. You can choose from thousands of premade styles or, tap into your innovative side and maybe even style your own. Best of all, unlike Pottery Barn, PageRage layout themes are effortlessly changeable without traumatizing your financial status. I think they may have just done the impossible, found a way to make Facebook even more fun.

About PageRage

PageRage is the first web application that allows Facebook users to place graphic layouts right on top of their existing profile. This virtual layer of artwork is simply laid over the top of your Facebook page and can be modified at any time. The software is all contained within the web browser and has no effect on the underlying page. No HTML or CSS coding knowledge is needed. Simply install Yontoo Layers into your browser and in just seconds you will have access to hundreds of graphic styles, colors and themes to choose from.

PageRage offers tons of different styles, colors, and themes. Show off to your friends a variety of music, movie, floral patterns, emo and dark themes, sports, or tropical layouts. Get political or show support of your favorite cause. There is no copying and pasting of any code.